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document I've heard of people getting ripped off? How do I protect myself (and my wallet) when renting vacation properties.
We do not verify the accuracy or legitimacy of any listing. We are strictly an advertising agency. We have assembled a short list of things you...
Not rated 17 Dec, 2007 Views: 2626
document Who do you recommend for web hosting?
We currently recommend for . Their are roughly $4.00 a month. We have been using them for years and haven't experienced a problem & their uptime...
Not rated 17 Dec, 2007 Views: 5608
document Can you design a personal web site for me?
Currently we are not taking on any new web design clients. Feel free to contact us & we can refer you to an excellent web designer who...
Not rated 17 Dec, 2007 Views: 5157
document I received a spam email from a possible renter, what should I do?
Please hit the forward button in your email client & sent it to This will enable us to ban that person by their email address & IP...
Not rated 17 Dec, 2007 Views: 5439
document I have sent myself a test rental inquiry but am not receiving it, what can I do?
Your email provider or ISP is most likely blocking us or it's being delivered to your spam folder. Please make sure to white list us in your email...
Not rated 17 Dec, 2007 Views: 5365