I am not getting any inquiries from your site. What can I do?

Getting inquiries is not always an exact science, but we have found some keys to getting more on our site:

1. More Photos – Put in as many photo’s as possible.

2. Professional Photo’s – Having professional photo’s taken of your property can make all the difference in the world.

3. Calendar – Register with rentors.org & get a free online availability calendar, link to it on this site, & keep it updated. People hate calling to see if you are available. Make it easy for them.

4. Rates – Are your rates competitive with others on this site & others like it?

5. Add a Last Minute Special Offer – Renters love a good deal. Entice them with a last minute deal to fill up that unused time.

6. Purchase a Featured Listing – Get your listing featured throughout the site so more people see it.

7. Change the Property Title – The property title is very important for search engines. We recommend something along the lines of “City Name Vacation Rental” Eg. San Francisco Vacation Rental

8. Write a Better Property Description – Check out some other people’s property description. Really describe your property. Write in a tone where people imagine being on vacation there. Think of the thoughts & feelings the vacationer is going to feel while staying at your place & checking out the attractions. Try to break up your paragraphs so they are short and not long winded. Consider hiring a professional copywriter to write your description.

9. Use Pay Per Click (PPC) – You can always use Pay Per Click Advertising. Try out an advertising firm like Google Adwords or Yahoo! Search Marketing. You can drive huge amounts of targeted traffic this way to your listing.

10. Hire Us for Some Additional Marketing. – We can manage a Pay Per Click campaign for you or do other things to increase your exposure and ranking on search engines. Inquire if you are interested.

11. Spy on the Competition - This is my favorite & the most powerful. Go to all the different portals. Check on everyone that's listed in your city. See what their pictures look like, see how many pictures they have, are the pictures professional and high quality, is the property staged, what features does it have, do they have a pool, allow smoking, can pets come, do they have a refund policy, how much is the security deposit, what is the total cost to rent - daily & weekly, Pay particular attention to their booking calendar. Focus on owners calendar's that are full & try to determine why they are getting all your business. Remember, it's ok to investigate, BUT IT'S NOT OK TO COPY!