Why am I getting lots of calls & inquires, but no bookings?

See this article:

No inquiries.

Other reasons could include:

1. People don't feel comfortable renting from you. This is a sales business! You have to be able to talk to people and "close the deal".

2. You are not giving enough detailed information when you reply. It's amazing how many people will just give a couple word reply when emailing an inquiring renter with some thing like "We are available." Don't laugh. Are you also guilty? Remind them of your home benefits, talk about the things to do there, tell them how much better you are then someone else.

3. Don't just reply once to the email inquiry. I was guilty of that myself when I first started. Email them, then give them a day or two and then email them again. Ask them to please reply so that you will not continue to bother them if they are not interested.

4. Try to reply immediately. If you can, reply within 1 hour. There is some truth to the early bird gets the worm in this business.

5. Don't forget to call also.