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document Can I edit my Property listing 24 hours a day 7 days a week & will the changes be effective immediately?
Yes, you can edit your listing anytime & the changes will be effective immediatly. Just login into your .
rating 15 Dec, 2007 Views: 3113
document Can I make changes to the template of my listing?
Currently that feature is not available. We hope to have themes based on different seasons & area types in the future. If you have any...
Not rated 15 Dec, 2007 Views: 2897
document Do you offer phone support?
Currently we do not offer phone support. Please use the contact us link on the site and submit a detailed question with your name, phone number,...
Not rated 15 Dec, 2007 Views: 3175
document What are typical support response times?
We try to answer your question within 24 hours Monday – Friday
Not rated 15 Dec, 2007 Views: 2916
document When I list on your site what will determine my ranking in the search results order on city & county pages.
We currently have the search results display in random order. We feel it is fair and everyone will experience being at the top. If you have any...
Not rated 15 Dec, 2007 Views: 2898
You can still list with us, but photos are a huge selling point for your property. We have found professional photos make a big difference in...
Not rated 15 Dec, 2007 Views: 3054
document How do I change what photo is featured on my listing.
Currently the first picture you upload is your featured photo. If you want another photo to be featured you will have to delete all photos and upload...
Not rated 15 Dec, 2007 Views: 3119
document What is Vacation Rental Wonderlands definition of a full or half bathroom?
A half bathroom includes a toilet but no shower or tub.
Not rated 15 Dec, 2007 Views: 3012
document I just started renting my property. How do I know if I need to collect sales tax occupancy tax, etc.
Tax’s can be very complicated & we always recommend you talk to your attorney or accountant. We have found to be cost effective &...
Not rated 15 Dec, 2007 Views: 3231
document Should I sign a rental agreement/contract?
Absolutely! Both from an owner & renter perspective, it protects both of you and says exactly what the other one is going to do & what...
Not rated 16 Dec, 2007 Views: 3502