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document How do I contact the property owner?
On the owners property page on this site in the 'Rates, Policies, & Reservations" section you will find a phone number & also...
Not rated 16 Dec, 2007 Views: 4661
document When do I check in & check out?
Every property owner has different policies regarding when you may check in & also check out. Make sure that you find out their policy & get...
Not rated 16 Dec, 2007 Views: 2941
document Do I need to clean the property after I leave?
Each property manager has different rules. Make sure to find out what they expect of you & get it in writing. If you do not abide...
Not rated 16 Dec, 2007 Views: 2976
document How much of a deposit do I need to reserve the unit?
Each property manager sets their own rules regarding this. Their really aren't any typical amounts for deposits. Some owners charge...
Not rated 16 Dec, 2007 Views: 2947
document I rented a property & it's in awful condition.
Unfortunatly there's not a lot you can do once you get there ready for your vacation. If it's a health & safety violation you can report them...
Not rated 16 Dec, 2007 Views: 3154
document Should I purchase travel & health insurance?
YES, YES, YES! We can not recommend it enough. Things come up. You get sick, a loved one dies, the wedding gets rescheduled, the airlines lose...
Not rated 16 Dec, 2007 Views: 2998
document What supplies do i need to bring to the property?
Each property manager does things a bit different. Make sure to ask what supplies they bring & what you'll need to bring. GET IT IN...
Not rated 16 Dec, 2007 Views: 2913
document How do I find the property & make travel arrangements?
Your first option should be the property owner or manager. They typically have a wealth of information they can give you & recommend the best...
Not rated 16 Dec, 2007 Views: 3039
document Should I sign a rental agreement/contract?
Absolutely! Both from an owner & renter perspective, it protects both of you and says exactly what the other one is going to do & what...
Not rated 16 Dec, 2007 Views: 3502
document How do I get the key to the property?
Every manager does things a bit differently. Some options include: Manager mails you a key a week or two before stay. Manager lives on...
Not rated 16 Dec, 2007 Views: 2863